G-d stepping in

They say the lord works in mysterious ways, and I must admit he does. Remember the “Reverend” I mentioned in a previous post in which I said there was an inappropriate relationship, although long distance? Well, I started pulling closer towards G-d and he started pulling away, which was fine. Because like I said, he was married and because I was a sinner I could have cared less. Nonetheless, time moved on and although he has cut down his interaction with me, he still sends text messaging. Honestly, he probably found someone new to prey on and needed to free up his time.

Well, the other night, I mentioned it and he got defensive. Yet, still I could care less and at that point. I woke up early this morning, and there was a face of an attractive brown skinned woman in a vision, staring as if coming through his facebook profile or something which to me, was confirmation and he texted me, shortly after I woke up. So when I put that little flash of “discernment” in the conversation, that’s when he got defensive.

Nonetheless, I was actually trying to search for a way to take my attention off of him and placed an ad on a dating site. On that day, I stumbled across a photo of one of the most handsome black man, I have ever seen in my life. There was just something about his photo and I sent him a “sign of interests”. Now, my profile said, “Wanted: Tall , Dark, Bald COGIC Black American man” and in the description, I mentioned that although I am not active in the church at the time, it was important that the person of which I seek be of the same foundation, so that he’ll understand me and when I decide to return, I won’t have any issues.

Moving right along, he emailed me to say “Hello” which I was kind of shocked because he is such a handsome guy. We talked back and forth. Apparently, he thought I was somewhat of a knockout as well. Then I went over to his profile and his said, “Aspiring pastor seeking my first lady”…oh my, I thought, he’ll never go for me but there was something about him. I didn’t hear from him for a couple of days and decide to pull the ad down because I was attracting creeps. I came back to it and sent him a note with my name and told him if he was interested to add me on facebook, because I really would like to get to know him. I didn’t think he was going to respond.

Ok, now I can go back to the “reverend”. When he started getting defensive, I mentioned something about “reverends being whorish and he once again, got defensive. Well, I said it to rattle his cage, but inside I did mean it, especially after reading the post mentioned previously in “the seedy underworld of the church.” He went on to talk about how women liked to chase preachers who had a lot of money, etc and right at that moment, I got a freind request from guess who, “the guy from the date site.” I was shocked.

I looked at his wall, and he had just posted a series of things about, “how when women pray for a mate, to be careful because the adversary may just send an imposter”, and another one was, “I love you enough to say goodbye because you’re not free”…Those aren’t the correct words but you get the picture.

The thought that popped in my mind, as soon as I got that request, was “G-d wants you away from this other one.” and guess what, I agree. I don’t know where this will go but I am hoping he is authentic and real.


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