Inspirational song of the day

There are always some songs that reach me more than others. Today, I woke up feeling so lonely and abandoned until it was saddening. I mentioned the guy that I have been talking to for the past 5 months. I met him during a time when the actions of my ex- nearly crushed me. He was there for me; calling me every day, sometimes 4 and five times a day. We would stay on video for hours and text all of the time. We had some very deep conversations. Then, one day, during a trip to the local Ihop, I heard him in the background talking about touching some waitresses bottom. Yeah, you heard me right, “father feelgood”, being a womanizer  while I was still on the phone.

I was like wow!  blatant with it, no?  Nonetheless, our time  “together” started diminishing and he acted as if he was pulling away. No problem, because he’s married anyway and he made it very clear that he was a “ho”. In fact, I was hoping that he would just stop altogether but being so isolated out here, I appreciate the conversation. Today, not so much.

After reading the story I mentioned in a previous post, I started feeling like, “ewww!” So when he texted me this morning, I didn’t really feel like talking to him. It’s as if he’s going through the motions anyway, so I sort of cut off the conversation and told him I had to clean the house. I think he got the picture because he didn’t respond.

This song is doing a great job of keeping me company. I have always loved Keith Staten’s voice and the melody is divine.