Bio: When I started this blog, I was akin to the prodigal son. However, in June 2012, during the lowest moment of my life, God saw fit to reclaim me. Some of the older stuff on the other blog, may not apply to the "new me" but I'm going to leave it up here in remembrance of how far I have come. Now, changing my life, doesn't mean that things have gotten easier, because just people are just like wolves; they will gang up on a lonewolf, because he/she is percieved as a threat. When you decide to live holy, you will become the lone wolf. Today, 11/12/2012, I have decided to start a new blog, called "That black lady". Why? Well, after coming back to the states and jumping first feet into a corporate environment has turned me into that "black lady. I don't know if I will survive, but in the meantime, it creates some awesome reading material, if you like gossip.

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